Over the years, music therapy has proved to be highly quintessential when it comes to some forms of treatment.

Music therapy is the employment of musical interpositions to step-up the quality of life of a client.

Definitely, music therapists use music and its several aspects such as social, mental, physical and emotional, to provide help to their clients.

Therefore, with the use of both active and receptive music encounters, various aspects of client’s health such as emotional, communicative, social and the likes increases.

In Ottawa, a good number of usual music therapy sessions are developmental work. During this, individuals are expected to write songs, muse and a host of others.

In some hospitals, music therapy is used. Also, the same applies to some cancer centers, drug and alcohol recovery programs and a host of correctional conveniences.

Evidence has shown that, music therapy is needed for all individuals, and this applies to both their mental and physical health.

Music therapy helps to improve the rate of the heart. Also, it aids I reducing anxiety and depression as mentioned above.

The brain is also properly stimulated when music therapy is in motion, and this makes learning to set in better.

Music therapists have some techniques that they use in helping their clients in several areas. This ranges from stress relief prior to and sequel to some forms of surgery.

Taking a deeper look into the broad types of music therapy, there are receptive and active music therapy.

For active music therapy, the patients are made to take part in various types of music-making. This could either be playing instruments or singing.

While for receptive music therapy, it comprises listening to a previously recorded music or a live music that the therapist recommends.

For receptive music therapy, your mood is expected to change, stress decreases, and you find it easier to relax than before.

Below are various music therapy centers in Ottawa:

  • Orleans Psychological Services (OPS) center
  • Ontario Music Therapy Academy
  • Canadian Association for Music Therapy (CAMT)

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