Music therapy is the recommended usage of music by a qualified professional. Usually, the reason for music therapy is to effect positive changes in any specific area of the individual’s life.

Music therapists are so skilled at what they do. They evaluate the physical health, mental health, emotional and social health of an individual through their response to music.

Music therapists also schedule music sessions for groups and individuals, and this selection is hinged on the needs of the client. There are a whole lot of features that are used in music therapy.

The therapists uses music performance, lyric discussion, music improvisation, song writing and a host of others.

It would interest you to know that, music is a very powerful feature. During music therapy sessions, it is the responsibility of the therapists to create a bond with their patients.

The reason for this is to pave way for enhanced confidence, improvement in communication skills, attention and a host of others.

One of the major objectives of a music therapists is to attain a moment of change. During this phase, they are expected to reinforce their relationship with their clients. This phenomenon is referred to as synchronization.

Music therapy has the capacity to enhance a good number of conditions especially mental health problems.

All through the world, various researches has been made on the efficacy of music therapy, and the results had always been encouraging.

During music therapy, there are some hormones that are released into our body. These hormones aid the therapists to assess the patient better.

The two common hormones released into the body are Endorphin and Dopamine.

Endorphin is the hormone that is released into the body which gives the individual a happy feeling and a sense of elation. Endorphin has also been proved to act as a proficient pain reliever.

For Dopamine, this is the “feel-good” hormone and when it is discharged, it enhances the pleasure receptors. This is the same chemical that is initiated when we meet a need that our body requires.

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